Horizon Audio Productions

Horizon Audio is casting several roles for our debut production. The Katie Chronicles: Twas the Night is a Christmas radio play that will air sometime early next year. We are aware we'll be missing the Yuletide mark, but hey. Better late than never, right? Think of it as a festive send off into the new year.


Those of you auditioning for Peter, Michael and Helen, we will need you again in a future episode of the Katie Chronicles. Peter will most likely only be in one more episode, but Michael and Helen will doubtless appear in all of them. If you aren't willing to commit to the roles, small as they are, then please do not audition for those particular characters.

Recording and Contact Information

Audition Deadline: December 24, 2011

Send all auditions to vahorizonproductions@gmail.com in a ZIP folder.

Entitle the subject of your e-mail "Aud: Twas the Night: Characternames

EX: Aud: Twas the Night: Santa, Michael Fury

Record in MP3, 44100hz 16-bit (128kbps) Stereo

Save the lines as "charactername_username_linenumber"

Ex: "helen fury_samararaine_line 1"

ZIP Folder: Include the following:

Your audition lines. No more than five takes, please. Keep all takes of a single line in one file, pausing for a few seconds between each one. If you're going to do more than one take, try and approach the line in different ways.

A text file with the following information:

Your real name or the name you'd like to be credited with if cast

The board on which you found this casting call

Your specific board username

The characters you are auditioning for





Auditioning For:

Entitle the ZIP folder "Aud. Twas the Night. Charactername_username"

EX: Aud. Twas the Night. Helen Fury, Elf 1_samararaine"

If you have any questions regarding the guidelines above, reply here or feel free to contact me on any of my various messengers.

E-mail: vahorizonproductions@gmail.com

AIM: sraenm

MSN: samararaine@hotmail.com

YIM: samararaine

Skype: samararaine

Please note that audition critiques will not be given.

Project Information

Title: The Katie Chronicles: Twas the Night


When ten-year-old Katie Fury finds Santa asleep on her couch, she must embark on a nighttime adventure to help save Christmas. But between a snoring Saint Nick, a sleigh she doesn't know how to drive, disobedient reindeer and a lost snow globe, can one little girl make it through and keep her favorite holiday from being ruined?

Looking For

  • Serious and dedicated voice actors

  • Exceptional microphone quality: The quality of your auditions will be a large factor in casting for this production. Pops, hisses, breath noise, static, etc will all count against you, no matter how outstanding your performance may be. It sounds harsh, but we want this production to sound as professional as possible.



Name: Helen Fury

Age: Early 30's

Bio: Helen Fury is Katie's mother. She is a kind and gentle woman by nature, but she can bring the "mom" voice out when she needs to.

Voice Type: medium-low, medium, medium-high

Accent: Standard American

Audition Line 1:


I think it was, love. Though it sounds like a beautiful dream.

Audition Line 2:


Perhaps Santa brought it. (Beat) Oh, well, I’ll heat some apple cider and cinnamon sticks for us all.

Audition Line 3:


Michael, Katie … where are all my Red Bulls?


Name: Santa

Age: Ageless

Bio: Santa is the jolly red elf we all know and love. But in this story, he's also a hypoglycemic who spends a fair bit of the production snoring.

Voice Type: low, medium-low

Tone: Jolly

Accent: English

Audition Line 1:

Oh, it's dreadful, Katie. You see, I am what is called hypoglycemic. And unfortunately, most of the cookies this year have been gluten-free. If I don't get some gluten soon ... (Yawns, despairing) oh ... Christmas will be ruined!

Audition Line 2:

Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!

Audition Line 3:

Ho! ho! ho! Merry Christmas!

Audition Line 4:


Merry Christmas, Katie.

Audition Line 5:

This is a special tree, Katie, for it will come to life every holiday season, and will live for as long as you and your descendants believe in the true spirit of Christmas.

Please include a file of snoring as well, ranging from gentle snoring to heavy snoring.

Name: Michael Fury

Age: Early 30's

Bio: Michael Fury is Katie's father. They are extremely close. He is her confidon and best friend, as well as the only one who can stop her mischief in its tracks with a single, sharp word.

Voice Type: low, medium-low

Accent: Standard American

Audition Line 1:

(Reading To Katie)

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk.

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight--


"Happy Christmas to all..."


...and to all a good-night!"

I included Katie's line there so you have some context. Michael was cut off by his daughter, so please record the second-to-last line with that knowledge, pausing a bit as if to let Katie speak before reciting the final line of the poem.

Audition Line 2:

(Mock serious)

Oh yes, yes I did. (Laughs) But maybe if you go to sleep, Santa will forget all about your messy room and bring you a present.

Audition Line 3:

Goodnight, little one. I love you.

Audition Line 4:

Morning, nibblet. Merry Christmas!

Audition Line 5:

(A bit doubtful)

Perhaps. (To Katie) Come on, lazy. Your presents are waiting.

Name: Peter Pan

Age: 10

Bio: Peter Pan is the little boy from Neverland who refuses to grow up. He isn't mine, but he makes a cameo in Katie's Christmas story, and in doing so, sparks another tale that will be told some other time.

Voice Type: medium, medium-high, high

Accent: Standard American

Audition Line 1:

(Voice Constricted With Sobs)

She's m-my best f-friend. (Sniffles) She's a fairy.

Audition Line 2:

(Relieved, Annoyed)

There you are! Where have you been? I thought I'd lost you!

Audition Line 3:

Would you like to come to Never Neverland with me, Katie?

Audition Line 4:


Hey! You crazy red elf! Stop flying like a woman!

Audition Line 5:

Ow! Tink! Ow! I'm sorry! I didn't know it was her! Ow!

Name: Elf 1

Age: 30's

Bio: A member of Santa's Christmas Security Brigade.

Voice Type: medium-high, high: Think adult little person with small lungs.

Accent: Any

Audition Line 1:

There appears to be a hijacking. I repeat, Santa's sleigh appears to have been hijacked by a female child in red. Snow globe footage is being sent STAT.

Audition Line 2:

You are under arrest for unlawful possession of Santa and his sleigh. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of Christmas. You have the right to an elftorney. If you cannot afford--

Audition Line 3:

Santa! You don't understand. This is a hostage situation.

Name: Elf 2

Age: 30's

Bio: A member of Santa's Christmas Security Brigade.

Voice Type: medium-high, high: Think adult little person with small lungs.

Accent: Any

Audition Line 1:

What's the situation, Red Squad 4?

Audition Line 2:

Snow globe footage received. Begin surround sequence immediately. (Pause) And find out what the perp has drugged Santa with.

Auditions Received

Partial Cast List

Sirena Carroll as Katie

Tanja Milojevic as Tallie

Sale Marchio as Tim